About Us

Letter from the Chairman

The Fibonacci sequence is an expression of algebra witnessed all around us.

It is a set of rules that we find all over in nature, music and even hurricanes, often referred to as God’s fingerprint. Looking at the world of architecture and design with its glamorous timeline, we take pride in continuing this beautiful legacy by using designs inspired by this sequence in order to create timeless masterpieces. With an ambitious research team, dedicated designers, expert craftsmen and state of the art production facility, we ensure the precision and perfection of the Fibonacci sequence.

Who We Are

Fibonacci Designs is a new brand under our umbrella company, Decent Home, that specializes in the sector of houses of worship with a long track record of client satisfaction. Due to increased demand to offer our services in other sectors, we created Fibonacci in order to dedicate an entirely new service to our new clients. Under Fibonacci, we’ve already dealt with projects in hospitality, commercial and administrative sectors. We are looking to complement our plethora of experience and attention to detail in intricate design, manufacturing, and installation with a new variety of projects. Currently, we lead a team of over 200 of the best designers, engineers, and craftsmen, and are aiming to widen our scope in order to reach private and public sector clients worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to excel in interior design and artistic woodwork by bringing back the true knowledge that was once forgotten through timeless masterpieces, by creating designs using the Fibonacci ratio and Islamic art, all while harnessing the best modern technology and craftsmanship.

Our Vision

Our vision is bringing art into every space by setting a new standard as a leader in interior design and fit outs around the world.